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The Online Casino Slot Percentage and Payback

The most common terms used interchangeably that are associated to slot machines are payback and percentage. online casino players who are playing slots oftentimes are confused with these two different terms. That is why it merits the presentation of their significant role in online casino slot machines.

The term payback refers to the percentage of a slot machine that is returned to its player in the long run of playing online slots. The percentage is actually programmed along the slot gaming software which are already preset and determined by the software manufacturer based on the online casino operator's preferred specifications for their online slot machine. As in land casinos, the online casino slot machines used are called either a tight or loose slot machines.

The tight slot machines are those that give a small payback while the loose slot machine is usually programmed to provide a higher payback. Online casinos offer their slot machines with different paybacks. It is always essential for online casino players to try out more than one online casino slots available to find one that offers a better and higher payback for a profitable online casino slot experience.

The term frequency used in online slot machine refers to the spin percentage that gives a slot player something in return. It is usually based from the number of times every symbol on the wheel appears and the frequency of the winning combination to occur.

Online casino slot machines present a low and high hit frequency. The low hit frequency refers to the winning combination that seldom occurs usually in more than ten spins and the high hit frequency shows a winning combination that averagely occurs in every four spins only. It can be observed that high hit frequency online slot machines give out a smaller frequent winning while slot machines with low hit frequency have bigger but less often winnings.

Most online casino slot machine displays a pay table on the screen for a particular slot machine played online. This can be used by an online slot player to determine about the frequency of that particular online slot machine. With many combinations that return smaller winnings one can assume the slot machine provides a large hit frequency. There is no exact way an online casino player can determine the payback of each online casino slot but through the pay table they can somehow get a general idea about the frequency of an online slot machine.

Online casino slots are programmed to generate a random combination of winnings hence playing online slots can be a game of pure chance and luck. But playing online casino slot can be fun too and it is necessary for an online slot player to have some fun throughout their game of slot machines in online casinos.